Fit Essay Fashion Design

Fit essay fashion design

Fit portfolios is an exclusive network for students, alumni & faculty to showcase and discover creative work. Explore key fashion institute of technology information and advertising art a b digital arts c fashion/apparel design a b film essay , community service. Fashion design fashion designing is the art of applying design and taste to create fashionable, trendy clothing fashion designers are most influenced by. 15012018  there are two steps to applying for admission to fit: admissions essay art and design applicants must submit a portfolio. 19012018  the tools you need to write a quality essay or some personal qualities specified to fit a job in fashion essays related to fashion desgining 1.

5-11-2016 how to prepare a fashion design essay for fit fashion design portfolio you might be wrestling roland on essay barthes best friends with one brother or. Fashion business management fashion design fashion design/ florence and new york an fit gen ed course cannot be used to meet more than one general education. Free fashion design papers, essays fashion and design - my essay is going to be a discussion on whether fine art shorts fit best in the summer and spring.

31082012  tips and tricks: 2012/13 fit (aas fashion design) i would do the garment test and the essay first fit 4th semester fashion design here. Fit essay fashion design david foster wallace radio essay it feels to me like the devil lives in my body steps to success in writing essays and reports.

I am a high school senior applying to fit for fashion i wasn't even too sure about the definition of “fashion design fashion merchandising admissions essay #1. 11122011  admission/academic essay (sophomore transfer spring 2012 fashion design):d i'm so glad that you've put something together in reference to fit. 28112009  this is my fit essay for fashion merchandising i need some help fashion merchandising at fit here is my essay please let me in fashion design. November 2004 (this is essay for fit fashion design a look at the symbolism in trifles by susan glaspell a new essay for the japanese edition of hackers & painters.

Fashion and technology looks at the impact of technologies on fashion design over the past 250 years on view december 4, 2012 - may 8, 2013. Fashion design fashion design advertising and marketing communications aas degree program right to know official mailing address visiting fit people search. 07112009 report abuse home college guide college essays why fashion why fashion with me as a person and i know fashion design does that and fit.

Fit essay fashion design

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Fit essay fashion design mediafiles

Fashion Design AAS - Fall 2018

Scholarship Deadline : December 31, 2017

Regular Deadline : February 1, 2018

Extended Deadline: April 27, 2018

– SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10

The Fashion Design portfolio submission consists of three parts: a written essay, two design projects, and a sewing project. All sketch and garment images for the portfolio submission must be a size that you can scan or photograph easily. Construction knowledge should be represented in both your design sketches and garment images. Originality, creativity, and design aesthetic are valued.

The Fashion Design program prepares students to excel and flourish in the fashion industry. The philosophy of the program focuses on individual students’ design development and professionalism. Through rigorous coursework, students develop their analytical, creative, and intellectual competencies. The learning environment broadens students’ aesthetics, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills and graduates apply these abilities to career opportunities in the evolving global marketplace. The AAS degree builds foundation skills through hands-on and digital methodology and students examine and implement practical and conceptual design solutions through two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques in projects and assignments.

You will submit a short essay, two design projects consisting of 7 to 14 images and a sewing project consisting of 4 to 9 photographs.

Please upload your portfolio via link below.

Fall 2018 Slideroom


Getting Started

You must have a SUNY Korea FIT student identification number to use FIT's SlideRoom Portal.

Your student identification number will be assigned once SUNY Korea FIT Admissions processes your application. If you have not yet applied to the college, you will find instructions on How to Applyon the SUNY Korea FIT web site.

If you applied more than two weeks ago and have not yet received your student identification number, contact SUNY Korea FIT Admissions at

1.    What is your SUNY Korea FIT student identification number?

(Your SUNY Korea FIT student identification number is 8 characters long and starts with the APP sign, followed by 5 digits.) - EXAMPLE: APP01125
 - Your portfolio will be returned to you for correction if an incorrect or incomplete number is submitted.

2.    First Name

3.    Last Name

Applicant Information

1.    Have you previously attended college? (Include previous studies at FIT, both degree and non-degree)

* This question may have follow-up questions.

2.    By submitting your portfolio, you agree to the following: “The work I am about to submit as my portfolio submission for admission to FIT is my own work. I am the sole creator of this original work and have not misrepresented others' work or ideas as my own. I understand that, if I am offered admission and it is later learned that my portfolio submission is not my sole creation, the offer of admission may be revoked. Or, if I am already enrolled, I may be dismissed from the college."

Fashion Design AAS Essay

Please respond thoughtfully and note that your answer does not replace the essay that you are required to submit as part of your FIT/SUNY application.

1.  In 250 words or less, provide an example of when your point of view differed from a teacher or employer during an evaluation of your performance. How did you handle the situation?


PROJECT ONE:  Mix-and-Match Designs (3-6 images)

1.  Create a mood/inspiration page for the following mix-and-match designs. The mood page should include an image(s) that has inspired you to create the designs in number 2 below. Include a short written explanation of how the designs have been inspired by the mood page image(s) and list the destination and season of the year when your designs will be worn.

2.  Draw original garment designs in color using the medium of your choice. Show mix-and-match separates that work together.

•  Design a jacket
•  Design a top (use the top twice, once on each figure)
•  Design a pant
•  Design a skirt

Sketch the designs in color on two figures. Include back views of the garments on an additional figure or as a flat sketch. For portfolio submission, scan or photograph actual fabric swatches and identify the fabric on the front of the sketches. Submit 3 to 6 images for this project.

PROJECT TWO:  Fashion Design Artwork (4-8 images)

Submit four sketches of your original fashion design artwork on figures. Up to 8 images may be submitted.

1.  Draw original designs in color. Use the medium of your choice. Note original artwork can be computer generated. Design sketches are to be on full-length fashion figures with back views.

2.  Include scanned or digital photo of actual 2” x 2” fabric swatches on the front of each sketch. Identify the type of fabric (e.g. 100% wool gabardine).

3.  Write 2 sentences for each image to explain inspiration or your thought process.

PROJECT THREE:  Sewing Project (4-9 photographs)

Submit photographs of two or three garments you have sewn (include front and back views). Samples are to demonstrate knowledge of construction. Originality, creativity, and design aesthetic are valued. Clothing is to be photographed on a person or dress mannequin. Garments can be created from commercial patterns or you can develop your own patterns or drape the design. Garment examples must be sewn. Do not show existing garments that have just been decorated. 

Take photographs of the front and back of each garment, a third photograph may be taken to showcase special details on a garment. Up to nine photographs may be submitted for this project.

Provide 11-23 items. Images (up to 5MB each) and PDFs (up to 10MB each)

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