Essay On Indian Youth And Fashion

Fashion: the Craze Among Youth

Every person is fashion conscious. Fashion is very popular among the school boys and girls. They do it in a competitive spirit to look smart, up-to-date and attractive. Students like actors and actresses. Some of them see a film to copy the latest fashion. It is mostly the college students who look upon fashion as the very stuff of their conscience. Being fashionable is the only real passport to high society and popularity in the college.

Students put on expensive and fascinating clothes of the latest cut, color and design. The students spend a lot of money on clothes and other things in life for sake of variety. They do not realize that they are wasting their precious time and energy in this effort. In addition, they waste the hard-earned money of their parents.

Students have become crazy after fashion. But this is all being done at the cost of their studies. They are wasting the precious time of their life. Sometimes, poor parents are burdened with fashion bills.

The body must be given a proper care but not artificially.

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Indian Youth and Social Media

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In the 1950s and 1960s, United States, UAE, Switzerland were internationally pre-eminent in economy and technology. After 30 years the economic landscape has changed considerably and indeed continues to change with amazing rapidity. Situation of strategic economic equality has come to exist in the triad regions of North America, Western Europe and the Pacific Rim (including India and China).

India is considered as a developing country having population of more than a billion, second highest in the world opened up the economy in the early nineties following a major crisis that led by a foreign exchange crunch that dragged the economy close to defaulting on loans. The response was a slew of domestic and external sector policy…show more content…

As Indian industry has become more globally competitive major India businesses anticipated much higher allocations for marketing and advertising campaigns in order to persist within the globalized Indian economy. Some estimate that the advertising industry has been one of the fastest developing industries in India as much as 25-30%. Another result of globalization has been a huge increase in salaries of senior managers, accountants, lawyers and public relations personnel working for MNCs or their local competitors. For the IT-literate, job opportunities have been plenty, and there are also openings to live and earn abroad.

Indian consumers associate India's headway with the accessibility of the latest automobile models and consumer goods. The local accessibility of imported European cosmetics and fashions, imported drinks and confectioneries have all become meaningful to those who have enough disposable income to buy such items. Industrialists with interests in ports, shipping, international warehousing and other presence of international trade and commerce may also see globalization as favorable to their sectors of the economy.
Globalization makes the country increasingly interconnected.
It paid a greater access to developing countries like India faces new challenges like growing inequality across and within nations, volatility in financial market and environmental

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