For And Against Essay Sample Internet

Hey, I'm learning English, and today I decided to write for and against essay, can somebody correct it? I want see my mistakes.

Nowadays, internet takes an important part of our lifes, especially for young generation. We surf the net, play online computer games and our daily routine is connected with internet. But what good and bad points have internet?7
Firstly it is important to state that, internet helps communicate with each other. In this century, the most powerful way to keep good or create new relationships, is communcation and neither way is not so good as communcation. Moreover since internet was invented, it always creates new employment, as a result country economic level, GDP and salaries are growing faster, than before.
Some people take the opposite view and claim that, internet causes behaviour and psychological issues. For instance, difficulty maintaining attention and concetration, communicate in reality. Those people get obsessed and addicted by internet, forget their friends, families, values. Another drawback is, risk to become victim by thieves. There are very big changes to be deceived, thieves are looking for naives, reliable and especially young people, who will trust them. Those victims reveals their personal information, this is easy loot for pretenders.
To sump up, internet could be either good or evil, it depends how you are going to use it and how smart are you. People who think about consequences are always the winners.

Thats it, thank you for your attention. I Hope somebody will help me :)

By the way, is here a lot of commas mistakes?

Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the major trends today. In online gaming, one can play any game so long as there is an internet connection. One gets in touch with friends online and also gets an opportunity to compete with people they previously did not know but have met online. With online gaming, one has access to any games and there is no need to rent games at cyber. Through online gaming, it is very possible to develop talent and also compete a lot with other players. Online gaming is awesome because one has a variety games to select from. One can also earn money from this experience after winning games. Online gaming may be a very enjoyable experience for many but may also have negative repercussions and consequences.

Advantages of Online Gaming

The fact is that online gaming is becoming prominent all over the world. One of the benefits of online gaming is that you can access games online so long as there is an internet connection. There are several available and new games that create a variety for a player to choose from. In countries where there is the availability of broadband internet, online gaming has become a staple kind of entertainment. It is also possible to gain cash via online gaming as a result of winning games. This can earn the players a lot of money as long as one has the skills and talent for online gaming. Online gaming is advantageous as it can occupy the mind and avoid people especially youths from getting involved in the life threatening behavior such as drug taking and joining youth gangs. At least online gaming is more constructive. Online gaming can also help expand and improve gaming knowledge and also experience. Online gaming also encourages competition. One player competes against others playing the same game so as to win more money. Another advantage of online gaming is that it makes a player mentally active and sharper too.

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

Online gaming may be one experience that may have more harmful effects than good. For one, it may cause addiction and time meant for other activities may be consumed in online gaming. Online harassment may also occur especially with children who get involved in online gaming. Children playing games online may lead to online abuse. Children may also download games from sites that may infect computers with the virus.

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