Asl Signing Naturally Unit 4 Homework

Signing Naturally Unit 44:1Watch the videos for pages 178-180 and do MINIDIALOGUESPG179MD 11. What does Tyrone compare/contrast?(4 points)Tyrone has 5 kids, but he was married twice. 3 boys are from his Frst wife. 2 boys are from his second wife.2. How many more children does Anna want? She doesn’t want any more. MD21.What does David compare/contrast?(5 points)David’s cousin is deaf and got married. The had 3 kids; 2 boys were deaf and 1 girl was hearing. 2.Where did David's sister meet her husband? At Gallaudet University.3. How long did they date? (2 points)They dated 3 years. 4.When did they marry?(2 points)They got married in college.MD31. What does Iva compare/contrast?(3 point)Her roommates dog has white spots and black eyes. There are Fve small girl puppies and zero male. Her favorite puppy is the all-white with black eyes. 2.How many puppies look like their mother? Describe. (7 points)The mom has white spots with black eyes. Two look like her. 3. How many look like their father? Describe. (4 point)The father has black, brown, and white spots. There is three that look like him.

UNIT 4 HOMEWORK4.1: Minidialogues 1/2/3 Pg179-180#11. His children and how many he has.2. None#21. How many children does his sister have.2. How many of his sister’s children are Deaf.3. The dated for 3 years.4. A while ago.#31. How many puppies did her dog have.2. Three of the puppies look like their mom.3. Two of the puppies look like their dad.4.3: Identify the Number Pg 1851. 682. 983. 67Write the Number pg 1851. 692. 793. 984. 865. 686. 767. 788. 879. 6710. 9611. 9912. 664.5: Minidialogues pg 191-192#11. Tyrone has one brother.2. His age is 22.3. He was close with his brother until he went to college.#21. She has 2 brothers 1 sister.2. She is the youngest one. The oldest is a man married and has 2 children. The next one is a womannot married. Then the next one is a man, married. She is the last one and she is not married.3. She is close to one of the brothers who is Deaf like she is. The other one is not too good at signing.

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