American Dream Essay Titles

In Dr. King's 1963 speech at the Lincoln Memorial, the great civil rights leader said he dreamt of a land where all people are guaranteed the inalienable rights of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These rights may be considered another way of describing the American Dream.

Another way to find a title for an essay on the subject is to borrow or expand upon an existing title or a phrase from an existing piece. An example would be Edward Albee's "American Dream," which debuted in 1961. The title lends itself to essay titles that address themes from the play. Ann Petry's 1946 novel "The Street" reflects the hardships of an African-American mother's efforts to raise a son in the squalor of 1940s. The straightforward title evokes expansions on the title and theme.

Throughout American literature, one can find examples of works touching on the theme of the American dream. Each of them affords opportunities for reader to use their love of language and ingenuity to name essays addressing those works.

Many writers decide to compose a title after they've written the essay so they can base the title on their thesis statement into the title.

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A List Of Popular Synthesis Essay Topics About The American Dream

Before embarking on an essay on The American Dream, it is good to understand its authentic meaning. It was defined as ideal for every American citizen to enjoy an equal opportunity to achieve his desires for success and prosperity through initiative, determination and hard work. Over time, this definition seems to have changed as the life in America takes different turns by the day.

Changes in social life mean that the dream is interpreted differently by various sections of the society. Legal and illegal migrants view it as an opportunity to find that which they cannot get in their homeland. For other Americans, it is the opportunity to get free services from the government. For investors and inventors, it is a chance to conquer the world through innovative products and successful businesses.

Writing a synthesis essay about the American dream therefore presents a unique opportunity to explore all these angles. It means that you have a chance to pick a topic or area of interest and expound on it through your paper. Some of the topics worth considering include:-

  • The modern day American Dream
  • Prejudices that destroyed the American Dream
  • Was the American Dream a fallacy?
  • The evolution of the American Dream
  • How to revive the original American Dream
  • Can illegal immigrants enjoy the American Dream?
  • What movies perfectly capture the true American Dream?
  • Which is the best literature material on the American Dream?
  • Who are the true beneficiaries of the American Dream?
  • Is there a continent of nation with a better dream than America?
  • Is there more to the American Dream than money?
  • What does the American Dream say about the family?
  • Is equality and opportunity envisaged in the American Dream possible in the modern world?
  • Is it easier or more difficult to achieve the American dream now than it was a century ago?
  • The challenges of racism and poverty in achieving the American Dream.
  • Is the American Dream as attractive today as it was years ago?

When selecting a topic, choose an area you are passionate about and one where you will get adequate research materials. Consult with your teacher to ensure that it is in line with the demands of your course outline. Your synthesis essay should provide facts or evidence that is based on the reality existing on the ground. Use professional writing service to get help with your essay

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