Research Paper Topics Related To Marketing

15 Fresh Ideas For Marketing Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for marketing research paper topics, consider the following:

You can review textbooks in your first year, second-year, or even perhaps from your third year. You can look over specifically for the headings and subheadings of each text. This will give you a quick way to skim over a lot of text in search of key ideas by that pop out you.

  1. You can write a paper about the influence that television advertisements have on marketing campaigns and customer purchase decisions.
  2. You can discuss how to improve your marketing campaign online by utilizing inbound marketing, customer behavior research, and social media.
  3. You can discuss how smartphones and tablets can be used to tap into customers thinking and better connect to customers while they are on the go.
  4. You can discuss how to build a website that is the least confusing to your customers and will not drag down your conversion rates.
  5. You can review the benefit of location-based free Wi-Fi to market location-based or time sensitive coupons for a nearby company.
  6. You can discuss how modern marketing methods really utilize a story. You can review how customers prefer to hear a compelling and actionable story rather than meaningless data when they make a purchase.
  7. You can write a paper that focuses on the use and benefit of sending birthday announcements and coupons.
  8. You can discuss different ways to bring customers to your company after you have conducted a webinar.
  9. You can review delivery approaches to thought leadership among your marketing team.
  10. You can review the benefit that a loyalty program has on customer purchase habits and whether customers are more likely to buy more products from a company through which they have a loyalty program rather than companies that have no loyalty programs.
  11. You can discuss how you can gain information about your competition by following their Twitter feed and setting up Google alerts.
  12. You can write about the influence that social media has on marketing campaigns.
  13. You can write about how a company can integrate their entire employee ideas into a marketing campaign without compromising the respect held for upper management in the marketing department.
  14. You can discuss the use of Black Friday sales and how these benefits company gross.
  15. You can discuss the way loyalty coupons benefit a company.

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Published on Feb 03, 2016

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