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Goal Setting and Motivation Essay

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Goal Setting and Motivation
As I type this in my office at Henley beach in South Australia the Winter month are just around the corner and for a lot of people this can lead to a drop of Motivation.Then again you may live in the
Northern Emisphere and are getting excited about be able to exercise in the warmer weather. Either way it’s it beneficial to set goals to help you achieve the outcomes you want and to help with your motivation. There is a principle called the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. principle where each letter is an acronym of the principle. Firstly I think writing down your dreams is a very good thing to do. It gets out what you want to achieve. It is important to look further than just writing it down though. We need steps for how…show more content…

Build a positive expectation of success by regularly thinking about your goals and wondering what it would be like to achieve them.
I think it can be useful to write down your goals and place them somewhere you will see them regularly. This could be on a wall in the toilet, or on a small post it note near your workspace.
Even on a post it note on the dashboard of your car.
My husband and I sit down to review our 'big' goals every 6 month. This means we can see how we are going in achieving these bigger goals. This keeps us on track and accountable. It also provides an opportunity to alter something in our plans if we decide to do so. Another great thing about looking at these long term goals together is that we are on the same page, which helps create unity.
'It is important to be flexible with your goals' Jeffrey Hodges
T - Timed
T stands for setting a specific target date for your goals. If you don't set times for your goals it is easy to say I will do it later. Goals are 'dreams with a deadline!'.
Remember to allow a reasonable amount of time for your goals. Insufficient time will lead to stress and possibly compromising on the quality of the job done and too much time will lead to lack of activity or progress.
E - Ecology of your whole self
I've seen a few descriptions of this step so I have included the

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Essay about Motivation, Communication and Leadership Theory

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Motivation, Communication and Leadership Theory

In this essay I will discuss the various different theories on motivation such as scientific management e.g. Taylor as well the humans relation approach such as Maslow and Herzberg and how they relate to organisations improving their overall effiencentcy. Another aspect that I will discuss in the following essay will also be how communication can affect the productivity of a company, I will also relate this to motivational theory. The final aspect of my essay that
I will include is discussing how different leadership styles can affect the overall productivity of a given company.

One motivation theory that some companies used to use was the scientific approach, this was put…show more content…

The following diagram is a representation of the theory.
Maslows approach unlike Taylor’s takes into account the physiological and social aspects of working at a company. This theory and the others related to it are known as Human relations approach opposed to
Taylor’s scientific management. Maslows theory consists of two parts, one is how the classification of human needs is represented and the other is how the classes of human needs relate to each other.

The hierarchy works by a person starting at the bottom and these needs are filled by money that provides food and water as well as a place to live. The person then moves up to next level which is safety needs and having job security as well as being provided with the relevant safety equipment satisfies this. Again once this is satisfied the person will move up to the next level social needs. This level is satisfied by feeling that you belong at a company and have friends there. The person will then move to esteem needs level and this is satisfied by being given praise that you are doing your job well a promotion would as satisfy this level. Once all these levels are completed it is only then that a person can become self-actualised which means they are satisfied in how they view themselves.

This theory will work well in the workplace in my opinion. This is because it addresses a lot of

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