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What is the definition of success? Some define success as the acquisition of wealth: to some others, it is the accomplishment of the goal aimed at. And how does education becomes the key to success? In today`s modern and competitive society, it is undeniable that we must equip ourselves with plenty of knowledge and skills in order to shine and to be successful in life. Many opine that the aforementioned aspects are mostly obtained through learning in academic institutions. I do agree with the opinion that education is the key to success. Nevertheless, I feel that one can also become successful without education.

First and foremost, it is certainly true that education is of paramount importance for people intending to join certain professions such as doctor, engineer and lawyer. With proper training and knowledge, it would be impossible for them to perform their best in their careers, not to mention to be successful in the field of area. Education can equip one to the fullest extent possible of knowledge related to his or her field of career, adequately equipped him or her with the necessary knowledge allows one to perform better than the rest and make them more successful than the rest. Hence, education is the key to success in the certain area of careers.

The characters and the qualities of a person also affects one`s ability to be successful. Even if they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their professions, without the correct mindset, they will not be able to overcome obstacles and persevere to the end. Making them unsuccessful in reaching their goals. Educations in schools or institutions help to inculcate the desirable qualities into individuals for them to become successful in life. Thus, education helps in the formation of the character with desirable qualities to become successful.

However, if we take a look from another perspective of success - the acquisition of wealth, some of the world richest and successful men were in fact school drop-outs. Some of the notable successful school drop outs were Steve jobs and Bill gates. Steve Jobs was the lead mind behind one of the most successful company in the world- Apple, never graduated from college, or even gets close to that. Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man on the planet, chairman of one of the most successful corporations- Microsoft, was in fact a university drops out. This proves that education may not be necessary as the key to success.

In addition, people with natural talents are also most likely to excel in their life. This is especially true in sectors like entertainment and sports. Education cannot teach how one should be funny or humorous, but it is an innate quality that one is born with. One example is Jacky Wu, currently ranked as one of the most popular and richest entertainers in Taiwan, known worldwide for his quick witted humor and open fire talks. Hence, it is evident that individuals born with talents have a better chance to be more successful.

In conclusion, it is indeed true that education is the key to success. But, it would be wrong to say that one`s success completely depends on the education he or she receives. Natural talent and hard work also contribute to their success.

A Teacher Holds the Key to Knowledge, Success, and Fun

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A Teacher Holds the Key to Knowledge, Success, and Fun

The greatest gift a teacher can give students is a positive learning
experience that lasts a lifetime. An outstanding teacher is a good role model, fair,
consistent, and open to new ideas. A good teacher can motivate and entertain
without students realizing the learning process it taking place. It is a great
achievement for a teacher to see the “light bulb” come on over a student’s head
when he/she understand a problem or can figure out an equation. To see a child
accomplish a task is most satisfying and rewarding.

A teacher holds the key to knowledge, success, and fun. Every child deserves a teacher that understands and accommodates different
ability levels of each student. It is very difficult to pinpoint a specific method of
teaching because so many styles and techniques are successful. Incorporating
different methods may be effective.

I have been a substitute teacher for two years and this experience has
brought great insight for future reference. I feel that all students can and must
learn according to their ability. I want to be a teacher who influences each
student in a positive way and display strong ethics in order to encourage
appropriate behavior and respect. A teacher’s personal ethics influence their
teaching method. With regard to teaching methods, I share certain views from
Rousseau. Children are born with a blank slate and are not good or bad by nature.
These characteristics are not determined at birth but are learned behavior. Young
children entering elementary school are excited and open to learn. It is the
teachers’ task to keep the creativeness and attention of each student. Basically,
children want to learn.

I also tend to hold the attitude of Essentialism toward educational
philosophies. I believe the curriculum of the schools should be subject-centered.
Students learning should be centered on the basic subjects such as reading,
writing, history, math, and science. I feel strongly about reading because if a child
is a good strong reader, other subjects seem to be absorbed more easily. I lean
toward behaviorism regarding discipline. I agree the reward system, establishing
rules, and monitoring events are excellent ways to teach responsibility and instill
moral values. I think a good teacher can incorporate all different “beliefs” and
identify what works and what doesn’t.

The lessons students learn in kindergarten are basic skills and remain with
them for the rest of their lives.

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Simple tasks may seem overwhelming to a five
year old; therefore, the way a teacher relates and combines curriculum is very
important. In my opinion, elementary education is the most important part of
education. All the basics are learned and hopefully mastered.

I believe that a teacher with good communication skills can also encourage
parents to take time with their children and give them reinforcement. If teacher
and parent can communicate, the student will thrive. In today’s society, both
parents usually work or the children come from a single parent family and
excuses are easy to come by. I am a parent and it is not hard to take thirty
minutes in the evening to help my son with his work and encourage him to do his
best. Life is a series of adjustments, so why not adjust to accommodate our
children. They are our future.

Our public education system needs leaders and teachers are the key to
creating well-rounded, intelligent children in order to strive for greatness.
Someday I hope to have students come back to my class and tell me how much
they love learning and share their accomplishments. I want to be the type of
teacher who encourages my students to new ideas and remain focused on their
goals, not only in school but also in life. I hope I am a teacher who will benefit the
school system and all the children in my classroom. I dream to be the favorite
teacher who makes learning fun and give them special memories to carry with
each student for the rest of their lives. I want my overall philosophy to be a love
for learning, always keep an open mind, and share my knowledge with as many as
I can reach.

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