Cause And Effect Of Drinking And Driving Essays

8 Helpful Tips To Write A Cause And Effect Essay On Drinking And Driving

There are dozens of different kinds of essays that you’ll have to learn to write in school. Some are very similar, and some are totally unique, but learning to write them well will give you the skills you need to be able to write any kind of paper in life. One kind of paper that you should learn to write is a cause and effect paper. They are pretty self-explanatory: your goal will be to show how one thing causes another, or the effects that one thing has on something else. The possibilities for this kind of essay are virtually endless, but you should keep in mind that there is a different between showing that two things are related and showing that one causes the other.

It can be helpful to write a cause and effect paper on something that you have personal experience with or that is important to you. Many students know someone who has driven drunk, or even who has been hurt or killed by a drunk driver. This makes drinking and driving a great cause and effect topic for a paper.

Keep these 8 helpful tips in mind when writing one:

  1. Show what internal factors cause someone to drive drunk
  2. Try to show whether there is a causal relationship between internal factors, like depression, low self esteem, or self destructive tendencies that cause people to drive drunk

  3. Show what external factors cause someone to drive drunk
  4. Similarly, show what external factors like peer pressure, financial constraints or upbringing might effect whether someone drives drunk or not

  5. Be sure to connect all the dots
  6. Its important when establishing cause that you connect all the dots—don’t jump from point A to point E, make sure you go A to B, B to C, and so on.

  7. Don’t jump to conclusions
  8. Don’t make any arguments that you can’t back up with evidence, and try not to base your argument on assumptions

  9. Show what things are successful at preventing drunk driving
  10. Along with understanding what things cause people to drive drunk, explore what things cause people to not drive drunk

  11. Show what things are not successful at preventing drunk driving

  12. Think about whether your argument is true of people of different ages
  13. If you want to just focus on teenagers or adults, make sure you explain why.

  14. Don’t just rely on your own knowledge, do research too
  15. Again, don’t just make assumptions, use data and research!

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The effects drinking has can cause long term problems. Drinking can affect an individual mental and physical abilities. It can cause slurr speach, flush skin, loss of balance, sexual problems, birth defects in pregnancy, and problems with socity. There are some positive effects to drinking as well as negative effects,although there are more negative effects than positive. For instant, moderate drinking can affect the blood and act as a blood thinner, which can have both positive and negative health effects. There are other positive affects that socity says drinking have; it provides a lot of employment in the business of catering, and retail in which alcohol plays apart. It helps people to socialize. Secondly, the other…show more content…

This occur due to poor judgement. Alcohol can make a person irresponsible; for example getting pregnant in cicumstnces where one is not able to take care for a child. Drinking has and effect on the mood and behavior. It have a numbing effect that starts to play a role in the mind. It causes memory loss, the ablity to judge a situation in a right way. It cause an individual to have a more diffulcut time to drive. Which can take a toll in traffic,and take an innocent person life. Often times, young adults or teenages will be affected by drinking weather its from, peer pressure or just trying to feel or look popular,By blending in with the crowed. As a result, drinking affects their school work, which causes poor grades, affect there study habit,and makes them have a lack of self control. Formost, drinking has more effects on heavy drinkers; than moderant drinkers. Heres why they can experience many health problems. These problems affect the organs in the body. Some of the effects are dilated puplis, blackouts, bad hangovers, and mild mood changes. Above all, drinking can increase the risk of a number of diseases. These diseases can affect the liver, create heart problems, cause cancer in the mouth, dysfunction of the pancreas, and ever stomach cancer. Drinking can have an effect on every part of the body. Althought, drinking may have some positive effects such as; escaping

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