Diaspora By Joanne Hyppolite Essays

What is Dyaspora? What does it mean? Its a strange word to say but what it means is much more important that how it looks and sounds. Dyaspora meansthe dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture. An essay was written titled "Dyaspora" by Joanne Hyppolite a Haitian born author who talks about a young womans struggles to be both Haitian and American, the young womans struggle trying to find her "Cultural identity".
In "Dyaspora" Hyppolite's uses an uncommon view when writing she addresses the audiance. She writes "you" which she is addressing a group of people. This is known as second person she uses this whenever she is refering to the audiance, she does for example when she remarks "in your neighborhood when you tell people you are from Haiti,they ask politely,"where's that?" You explain and because you seem okay to them,Haiti is okay to them."
Identity is a theme in the essay as the young woman who is struggling to figure is she more of a Haitian or an American. She describes her living features as an Haitian and how it compares to her when she is in America.

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