10 Sentences On My Mother Essay In Hindi

This is one of the classic homework topics for kids. They asked to write few lines (5 to 10) or points on topics like My Mother, Father, School, Best Friends etc. Same topics also are given for a small 10 sentences essay, speech or paragraph too. We assume you are the parent, we are giving 10 plus lines on My Mother topic which will help you to assist your kids with their homework.

Please note that every person, therefore, every mother is different. So, change the sentences accordingly. One more thing, we dont believe that women are made for kitchens, they are at par with men. Cooking food, doing laundry and dishes are not mothers job only. We don’t promote it, we hope you will also not feed same in your child mind. But sadly still this is the reality. Let’s make our next generate gender-equal.

In the first section, we have given 10 sentences on My mother topic in simple English, these lines are suitable for kids of class 1,2,3,4,5. In next section, we have given short 25 to 20 lines essay, speech on the same topic. You can also use this information for writing a paragraph or small article. In the second part, we have translated both English sections into Hindi. If you are looking for Hindi version, kindly scroll down to the middle of the article. So jump to core topic, shall we?

10 Lines on / Sentences about My Mother in English

  1. My mother’s name is XYZ, she is 31 years old.
  2. She works in IT company as a senior manager.
  3. I call my mother ‘Mumma’ and she calls me “Honey Pie”.
  4. She wakes up early in morning and makes a breakfast and Tiffin for me.
  5. She and my papa help me to get ready for school.
  6. My Mumma helps me with my homework.
  7. She like shoes a lot, she has 22 pairs of shoes.
  8. My mother cooks food for us, my papa also help her.
  9. My mother like to sing too, she attends classes on Sundays.
  10. On weekend, my mother takes me to park.
  11. I love my Mumma, she is very cute.

10 Lines Essay, Speech, Paragraph on My Mother in English for school kids

I love my mother a lot. She never shouts at me. I call her “Maa” and she calls me “Shona”. She takes care of me when I feel ill. She cooks food for us. My mother like Chinese food also, she makes it for us too. My mother tells me bedtime stories.

My mother works in college as a professor. Her students respect her a lot. Last year she went to Bangalore to attend education summit. I like her a lot, she is very pretty and cute. I love my mumma, she is my hero.

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10 Lines on / Sentences about My Mother in Hindi – मेरी माँ

यहां हमने मेरी माँ विषय पर १० लाइनें / वाक्य दिए है |

  1. मेरी मां का नाम XYZ है, वह ३१ साल की है।
  2. वह एक वरिष्ठ प्रबंधक के रूप में आईटी कंपनी में काम करती है।
  3. मैं अपनी मां को ‘मम्मा’ कहता हूं और वह मुझे “हनी पाई” कहती है।
  4. वह सुबह जल्दी उठती है और मेरे लिए नाश्ता और टिफिन बनाती है|
  5. वह और मेरे पिताजी मुझे स्कूल के लिए तैयार होने में मदद करते हैं।
  6. मेरी मम्मा मुझे होमवर्क पूरा करनेमे मदद करती है|
  7. उन्हें जूते बहुत पसंद करते हैं, उनके पास २२ जोड़े जूते हैं|
  8. मेरी मां हमारे लिए खाना बनाती है, मेरे पिताजी भी उनकी मदद करते हैं|
  9. मेरी मां गाती भी है, वह हर रविवार को ट्रेनिंग लेती हैं।
  10. सप्ताहांत (वीकेंड) में, मेरी मां मुझे पार्क में ले जाती है|
  11. मेरी माँ बहुत प्यारी है, में उनसे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ|

10 Lines Essay, Speech, Paragraph on My Mother in Hindi for school kids – मेरी माँ

स्कूल के बच्चों के लिए हिंदी में १० पंक्तियोंका का निबंध, भाषण, अनुच्छेद
मैं अपनी मां से बहुत प्यार करता हूँ| वो मुझ पर कभी भी चिल्लाती नहीं। मैं उन्हें “मा” कहता हूं और मुझे “शोना” बुलाती है| जब मैं बीमार महसूस करता हूं तब वह मेरी देखभाल करती है| वह हमारे लिए खाना बनाती है, मेरी मां को चीनी खाना पसंद है, वह हमारे लिए भी इसे बनाती है। वो मेरा बहुत ख़याल रखती है|

मेरी माँ एक प्रोफेसर के रूप में कॉलेज में काम करती है| उनके छात्र भी उनका बहुत सम्मान करते हैं। पिछले साल वह शिक्षा सम्मेलन में भाग लेने के लिए बैंगलोर गई थी। मेरी माँ बहोत सुन्दर है, वह मुझे बहोत प्यार करती है| मैं भी उनसे बहोत प्यार करता हूँ, पापा से ज्यादा|

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My Mother

My mother, for whom I have a very deep respect in my heart, has a most hard working nature. She rises before any other member of the family and goes to bed last of all. She gets up at four early in the four early in the morning and after attending to the call of nature; she takes her bath in cold water whether it is winter or summer. Then she offers prayers to God. By this time, other members of the family also begin to rise. My father is the first amongst them. Gradually my brothers and sisters all get up.

My mother’s first care is to prepare my younger brother, Mohan and younger sister, Kala, for school. She gives them a bath, dresses their hair and clothes them. Then she prepares refreshment which consists of milk and snacks or some other combination. As my father goes to office at 9:30 a.m. my mother has to prepare meals for him early in time. We are not rich enough to afford a servant. So my mother has to go through all the work of the house from sweeping the floor to clearing the utensils. She washes the clothes and irons them also. She does a lot of sewing work also. Our shirt and trousers are mostly made by her. She also knits our sweaters and pull over’s to be used in winter.

My mother has a religious bent of mind. She observes a fast on religious occasions and spends quite a good deal of time in reading Holy books. Sometimes she reads out excerpts from the Ramayana or the Mahabharata or some other such book to us. Her life is an example of hard work and devotion. Under her guidance and inspiration, we find a new zeal in life. All of us, brothers and sisters, have learnt from her to make a proper use of our time and avoid bad company. She has taught us to avoid the use of indecent language. We have been taught to be courteous and polite to others.

My mother takes us with her when she goes to attend social functions like marriages or birthday parties. She loves me very much and at times, imparts advice to me. When she goes out for shopping, I am sometimes with her and she buys me things of my choice. Father has great respected for the care and patience with which mother keeps the family. I fact, my mother is the pillar of the structure of household life. If she is out of the house even for a day, we feel very sad and uneasy.

At night after supper the whole family assembles for general talks and discussion’s although my father is much more educated than my mother, she is the centre of family meetings and she shows extra ordinary ability in discussing a point. She is so wise that everybody has to respect her viewpoint. Sometimes she relates very interesting stories and the account of the experiences of her childhood is worth hearing.  

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