Sins Of A Solar Empire Factions Comparison Essay

Advanced Tips and Advice needed

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Hey, I'm having trouble with the cruel difficulty or at least I think it's cruel (first pink/purple or three left clicks). The difficulty above hard is too easy though. I'm fairly certain the computer cheats but still, I'd like to beat it. My first two games I was overwhelmed around 50 mins. Short of reducing fleet sizes in the setup I can't see a way to keep up with the computer.

This is usually how I start my games:

Build Capital Ship Factory
Queue three extractors
Buy 100 crystal
Upgrade planet to Tier 4 Economy
Build 1-3 scouts depending on map size and faction
Build military or civilian tech depending on faction

For TEC I build Capital Ship III and rush long range missiles (2 military).
For Advent I don't really have a must-have capital ship... still haven't streamlined my build order here.
For Vasari I build Capital Ship II which can take out most planets neutrals on it's own with the crazy amount of fighters it produces.

Vasari is my favorite faction I think though I always random.

My tactics usually revolve around widespread early colonization and economy building. I don't usually get the increased fleet until 60-90 minutes into the game (due to that 7% slowing down my economy too much). Due to the fact that I have increased amounts of money I can recover losses quickly. I turtle and bottleneck once I have expanded sufficiently and concentrate on teching up. This tactic has worked for me in the past and made for interesting games. However the new setting I have it on (cruel) is too much... I don't know if I have to change tactics but even if I have more colonies than my enemy he still manages to out-produce me and I'm overwhelmed eventually though I can hold him off a planet for around 15 minutes. His forces just keep coming until my capital ships and repair stations can't keep up. He also has culture spreading my way well before I've even researched it even though I feel like I'm rushing my tech.

My usual defenses look like: 1 repair, max hangers, rest platforms.

Not sure if this is the most efficient way... it just seemed like the most solid defense for the slots but it is expensive.

I also only strictly build bombers. I find taking out capital ships first to be the single most important objective in a fight. Unless they have building destroyers and I'm defending. Don't think I've ever chosen strikecraft as I find them a little underwhelming.
First of all most people play on quick start, so virtually any strategic advice you find will be assuming that's the case. Second how fast are you actually colonizing? With just the starting 100 fleet supply I find it hard to believe that you can take planets fast enough, after your first three planets you should probably get the first supply and perhaps capitalship upgrade.

"1 repair, max hangers, rest platforms."

Unless you're Vasari this is a terrible defense setup against everything except fighter/bomber swarms (they're both referred to as strikecraft by the way). Especially as TEC but as well as Advent most of your defenses should be overlapping repair platforms (I have at least 4 on chokepoints). Even as Vasari you will want at least 2 so that they can repair each other.

turtle and bottleneck

You need to do this to some extent against cruel/vicious (yes they do cheat a lot), but it should not be your default strategy. Early on almost all of your resources should go to early expansion. Once you can no longer take neutral planets, then you can go more towards military/defense/economy if you wish.

To beat cruel and vicious you need to exploit how terrible the AI is against heavily fortified planets. A maxed out Starbase with several repair platforms can handle mid sized fleets by itself, and once the AI makes those super large fleets keep your own fleet behind the starbase and annihilate it. Build up your own forces until you've done enough damage in the war of attrition to take the next planet. Build another maxed out starbase, rinse and repeat.

"Capital Ship III "

No one really calls the ships these, either use their name (Sova, Akkan, Radiance, Kortul) or their role (Vasari Battleship, TEC dreadnought, Advent battlecruiser etc.), because I haven't memorized which ships are in which slots. For all of the factions but especially TEC the colonizer capitalship is a good choice. If you're close to the AI's home world you can easily beat them with a Sova with the embargo ability. Carrier capitalships in general are the other main starting capitalship choice.

Also, you should look/post in this forum for more advice/replies.

"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life!"

When you say to make a mad dash for as many planets as possible, how large a map are you talking? Because I've been playing mostly on Balance of Power (against Hard AI's) where at best I can grab two of the center desert worlds before the other AI gets enough defenses up at the third.

Well for a start most general strategies assume you're playing on all fastest settings, with quick start and on random maps (which tend to be bigger than the premade ones), so by all means if playing on other settings you might have to adjust some things.

That map is rather linear so you're not doing bad at all getting two deserts. If you really want to get better and that map you could probably create a force of a few scouts and a colony frigate, have the scouts destroy the siege frigates, retreat the scouts, send the colony frigate, colonize the ice planet, then build a turret to destroy the remaining militia. This technique allows you to colonize lightly defending planets at the same time your capitalship and main force are taking the deserts, and is an essential tool of the "rapid expansion" used in competitive games.

Also IMHO this is a rather bad map, as the player who gets the magnetic cloud next to his homeworld is at a disadvantage as the gas giant and magnetic storm could have neutral extractors.

"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life!"

I'm a bit late, but some considerations for fighting Cruel AI:
*the danger period is the early game, when you have a severe resource handicap compared to the AI, which can be offset by faster income settings or by rushing any natural chokepoints on the map
*as mentioned, the AI loves to suicide against starbases, which can make a base at a chokepoint worth 3-10 times the resources compared to spending them on ships

Hangers are generally the worst type of defense when it comes to the cost. You're better off spending those resources on more ships and instead supporting them with multiple repair stations. Hangars rely on anti-matter to replenish lost forces, and will deplete to uselessness in a fight of any appreciable duration. If you remember to manage it manually though, the Vasari hangar is handy for the phasic trapping ability.

As for the factions:
*TEC have a good early game boost with the trifecta of a Sova Carrier capital ship supported by the Javelis LRM long range frigates and Hoshiko Robotics repair cruisers, which give great utility and combat ability given the relatively cheap cost
*Advent are a bit weaker in the early game since both their ship type unlocks and economic abilities are higher up on their trees, which naturally nudges you toward choosing the Progenitor Mothership capital to minimize any delays in build up
*Vasari have expensive ships that slow down their build-up and makes losing ships very painful; but you can cover your early game by building a Skirantra Carrier capital ship and utilizing its ability to field fighters and bombers simultaneously along with some light repair ability(don't expect mileage anywhere near that of the TEC Hoshis though), along with their focus on phase missiles

When it comes to picking fighters versus bombers as your strikecraft, bombers are generally the smarter first choice. The problem with fighters is that they are too tissue-thin on defense. You can still use them given the right circumstances though. For example, the Sova Carrier's level 6 special, Rapid Manufacturing, lets it flip from 6 bomber squads to 6 fighter squads instantly, as well as instantly replenish any fighters that get shot down. This lets you break up battles into a defensive phase where you can fight enemy bombers attacking you, then swap out for bombers to take the offensive. Or the Skirantra Carrier can utilize fighters as its default strikecraft and then utilize its Scramble Bombers ability to put out 6-12 bomber squads in combat.

Cruel can be managed with some flexibility, and is necessary to some extent if you don't want to casually steamroll the AI. Vicious on the other hand, the absolute maximum difficulty, cheats in obscene ways: quintuple income rates alongside build-time cheats which ensures that you're fighting a doomsday scenario by the 15 minute mark(which generally means don't bother with this difficulty setting unless you're using 'fastest' for all of your settings and want to stay with static boring strategies to overcome those cheats).

"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

Alright, I've managed to beat 7 Cruel AI in a free for all by pitting them against each other and holding each planet I take. Next up 1v1 which I think will be much more difficult. Looking forward to the expansion this summer!

As promised, here is an outline for the other faction joining the Interregnum in the Beta 1 update.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, this weekend is a special one to Star Wars fans. The Force Awakens represents a new hope for our favorite franchise and the first opportunity to see Star Wars on the big screen in many years.

In honor of this, and also as promised to the community by our team as a reward for Interregnum reaching the top 100 in the Mod of the Year contest, I am proud to reveal the other faction making its first appearance in our mod in the Beta 1 release.

The Mandalorian Raiders.

As many of you may have suspected from the recent hints being dropped, the world of the great Interregnum will soon see the resurgence of the fearsome Mandalorians. The Raiders will completely replace the pirates in Interregnum, keeping the base mechanics but adding a level of immersion and detail to the universe. The Mandalorians will be a much more significant threat to the major factions than the forces of the Atzerri Cartel. As a result, especially in the early game, those frantic bidding wars to avoid a raid on owned territory or redirect it to a foe’s will be all the more intense.

Faction Overview

The Mandalorian Raiders represent a fringe sect of Mandalorian society. The Interregnum has fragmented the galaxy and worn down the larger powers, the Galactic Empire and the New Republic, as they struggle to counter the threat posed by extra-galactic invaders. In the chaos, Mandalore found itself in a curious position. Caught roughly between the territory of two Imperial warlords, external supervision on Mandalorian activity disappeared for the first time since the Imperial Occupation after the Clone Wars. Sensing opportunity, many Mandalorians quietly returned home, and before long, the foundries of MandalMotors and their subsidiary corporations began a production run unrivaled in recent memory.

The majority of Mandalorians accepted the leadership of Boba Fett, recently appointed as Mand'alor. The remainder, however, disagreed with the Fett’s longer term, more patient strategy. Accordingly, these Mandos acquired what weapons, vessels, and armor they could and began an independent, less focused, campaign.

Befitting the ad-hoc nature of Mandalorian culture, the Raiders employ an eclectic and unusual variety of vessels in their endeavors. In terms of vessels they produce themselves, the Mandalorians rely on a small lineup of craft produced by MandalMotors or Mandal Hypernautics, which tend to share characteristics such as reliability, heavy armor, and variety in armament. The staple vessels of the Mandalorian raiding fleet are Crusader-class Corvettes, designed to punch far above their weight class and tangle with much heavier vessels, and Protector-class gunships, an advanced variant designed for anti-strikecraft work. For truly difficult engagements, the Raiders may choose to deploy the Mandal Hypernautics designed Keldabe-class Battleship, one of the few privately produced vessels capable of tangling with an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Supporting the small line-up of home-built vessels is a collection composed of any combat-ready vessels readily available. Always a resourceful people, Mandalorian fleets often include vessels salvaged from the Clone Wars or adapted from civilian designs. Frequently seen are the Interceptor-IV frigate, a modification of the reliable Action VI Transport, and the Acclamator-I Cruiser, many of which were collected in the years after the Clone Wars.

The Acclamator-I, which primarily operates as a troop carrier, represents a commitment to a larger, significant strategic decision made by the Mandalorians. During a time in which the focus of planetary assault has shifted to orbital bombardment, the Mandalorians remain committed to the transportation and deployment of elite surface armies. True to form, Mandalorians are crack troops in ground combat, fearsome in their gleaming beskar’gam. Additionally, the Mandalorian Warrior culture is reflected by tactical choices in naval combat, which often include attempting to capture and repurpose opposing vessels.

Unit List

Capitalship (Battleship) – Keldabe-class Battleship

Named for Mandalore’s capital city, the Keldabe Battleship is a heavy, extraordinarily well armed, sizeable cruiser designed for large-scale naval engagements.

Capitalship (Carrier) – Venator-class Star Destroyer

With the unusually rapid retirement of the Venator class in the Imperial Navy, many Venator class vessels found their ways into third parties, and the Mandalorians were the most active collectors. In Mando fleets, they continue to act in a carrier and command role. Commonly deployed in support of Mandalorian Raiding parties are two homebrew fighter designs out of MandalMotors: the M3-A Scyk and the M12-L Kimogila. The Scyk functions as a versatile, light fighter comparable to a TIE series craft. Kimogilas, on the other hand, are the preferred choice for conducting bomber attacks on hard targets.

Frigate/Cruiser List

Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser – Heavy Cruiser

Crusader Class Corvette – Light Frigate

Interceptor IV Frigate – Long Range Frigate

Protector Class Gunship – Antifighter Frigate

Acclamator-I Cruiser – Siege Frigate

Firespray Class Patrol Ship – Corvette

Thank you all for your support during Mod of the Year. Please consider voting for us in the final round of voting! As a reminder, if Interregnum places in the top 5 of the ‘Upcoming Mods’ category, the Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer will be added to the mod, and taking first place would see us commit to adding a new, playable faction.

May the Force be with you as you go to see Episode VII this weekend.


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