Bioplastics Research Paper

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2Seaweeds are best known for the natural polysaccharides that can be extractedfrom them which are widely used particularly in the fields of food technology,biotechnology, microbiology and even medicine but not yet in the plastic industry. Someof these polysaccharides are Floridean starch, agar and alginate (Montaño, 2010). Sincethey are renewable biomass resources and are polymers made from sugars which containcarbon, they could be used to create a bioplastic.In this study, the natural polysaccharides from selected Philippine marineseaweeds will be utilized to develop a biodegradable and high-quality bioplastic.B.

Statement of the ProblemThis study will be geared with the development of a bioplastic using differentcombinations of natural polysaccharides from seaweeds. It aims to make a good,environment-friendly, inexpensive and toxic-free bioplastic from selected Philippinemarine seaweeds. It aims to create a biodegradable bioplastic and a bioplastic that willmatch the quality in terms of tensile strength and chemical resistance of manyconventional plastics being used today. Specifically, it will aim to answer the followingquestions:1.

Will there be significant differences in the amount degraded of the bioplastics whenthey are put in the following substrates for 180 days?a.

compost soilb.

loam soilc.

freshwater d.

saltwater e.

activated sludge

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