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Cover Letter Example Personal Essay Ucla Personal Essay Example

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To date, we have aided dozens of Pharmacy candidates from around the world.  Our writers are well-versed in current program direction, but also are sympathetic to the unique needs of internationally trained PharmD applicants.  It would be our honor to aid you in expressing this to admission boards, helping you stand out from the crowds of candidates.

And, as always, when you purchase a Statement of Purpose from us, a percentage of your payment goes directly to Wine to Water, a 501(c)(3) non-profit aid organization focused on providing clean water to needy people around the world.

Personal Statement of Purpose for entering into a quality Doctoral PharmD Program at an accredited U.S.-Based University

Applicant name: ***** *****


Being born in *****, as my homeland was recovering from a civil war that had literally shattered the country, I feel I am a child of hope.  Leaving my family and everything I ever knew behind, I came to alone, with a pocketful of dreams for a better life.  Indeed, I have seen here a country rich in opportunities, and rewards for those willing to work hard.


Complicating matters for me, though, five years ago I was diagnosed with lupus, an incurable chronic disease whose symptoms must be managed by a “cocktail” of medications.  Despite my condition, I have persevered.  Though there were days I could not walk or concentrate, I stayed on track, keeping my GPA high, forever focused on my goal, earning my PharmD.  Giving up was never an option for me.  I refused to let my family’s sacrifices for me to ever be in vain.  What many may see as being my weaknesses is in fact my strength.  I am stronger for all of my experiences.


For the past four years, I have maintained my focus on Pharmacy work.  From my beginnings as a volunteer pharmacy clerk for a local pharmacy, I have become all the more certain that my future is in Pharmacy.  Working with customers, doctors, insurance companies and the tools of the trade, I have been given an excellent primer of the professional work done by Pharmacists.  Moreover, I have seen how to manage a pharmacy practically and am able to quickly find the answers to my questions regarding any aspect of the business.  Additionally, inputting prescription information into our system computers has made me familiar with the latest medications on the market, their common uses, side effects, and interactions.  The education has simply been invaluable.


Earning a PharmD will enable me to enter into pharma research, finding cures for illnesses, or where they cannot be cured, find ways of sustaining quality of life.  The fire within me, the drive to find cures for diseases that are currently incurable is fueled by my own condition, and I aspire to aid in discovering new medications for many diseases, such as cancer and other chronic illnesses.  Additionally, I envision, upon building my exposure in the field, of working within my own pharmacy, and using my pharmacy as a jumping off point for serving the needs of developing nations through an NGO or non-profit supported by the United Nations, perhaps in the form of medical mission work.


In addition to my academic foundation in Biology, I bring with me to the student body and PharmD program, not only my professional pharmacy experiences, but also experiences from my observership at Sherman Oaks Hospital, where I was exposed to different protocols for treating patients with a variety of conditions.  Throughout my education, I have spent my co-curricular time immersed in a pre-pharmacy club and biology club, attending lectures, increasing my knowledge of the latest news and events in the pharma and medical worlds, as well as meeting with like-minded aspiring pharmacists.


As a pre-pharmacy student, I am aware that any pharmacist has a respected and trusted role in the community.  To this end, I have given back my time to the community, working with the mentally handicapped in their daily activities and field trips, as well as a youth soccer group, and have loved the interaction and rewards.


Not only have I walked more than a mile in the shoes of my patients, I am very sympathetic to the needs of our immigrant clients.  It is my belief that immigrant patients need to get medical care in their native tongue. I have firsthand experience of this and can appreciate the frustration and possible misinformation caused by a language barrier. Medical treatment in a patient’s first language puts them at ease, making them more involved in the treatment, and impresses the need to follow treatment regimens closely. With my ability to speak Arabic, French and English, I will be better equipped to aid patients from many backgrounds, meeting their medical needs in their mother tongue.


I find myself anticipating my future with great eagerness.  Allying myself with a quality and intensive PharmD program and interacting with like-minded classmates will be the first step for me on the road to an exciting future in Pharmacy.  I feel that my enthusiasm and dedication to my Pharmacy pursuit will be an asset to the program, and I thank you for your time and consideration.


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